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Childbirth, breastfeeding, diapering, etc…

The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth Classes

This 12 week series will physically, mentally and emotionally prepare both mom and her partner or support person for natural labor and birth. Classes emphasize birth as a natural process, encouraging moms to trust their bodies and focus on diet, exercise and relaxation to have a low risk pregnancy and labor. Classes cover techniques to manage labor with relaxation, imagery, knowledge of the process and active support of a partner as coach. Common complications, interventions and how to handle them are taught in case they should be necessary. Topics include nutrition, exercise, labor and birth mechanisms, labor support, relaxation, positive imagery and thought, breastfeeding and parenting. Classes offered on Thursday evenings.

Call Kristen Pearson (928) 607-3706 to register.
$300 for 10 classes 

Breastfeeding Basics

This 2-hour class covers the basics that every first time mother and her partner should know including the benefits of breastfeeding for mother and baby, ways the partner can support the breastfeeding relationship, and basic technique. This class also covers techniques to continue the breastfeeding relationship if mother needs to return to work. Topics include pumping and milk storage. Offered on the third Tuesday of every month.

Call Womancare at (928) 779-6064 to register.
$25 per couple. 

Introduction to Cloth Diapering

Learn the tricks to make Cloth Diapers a snap and easier than disposables! Everyone should know that Cloth Diapers are less expensive, now find out how to make it EASY on your home life AND ways to get those babies out of diapers even faster. Offered on the first Saturday of every month.

Call Melissa Wilson at 928-890-8409 to register.
$10 per couple.

Enhancing Women’s Wellness with Essential Oils

Come learn how essential oils work hand in hand with your body. I will share personal experience and solid education, providing you with a wealth of knowledge about essential oils. Learn how to use oils effectively during pregnancy, birth and every day. I will covers basic essential oil history, usage, and safety. This class is a hands-on experience giving you a chance to smell several oils and make and take home samples. Learn the importance of quality and purity. I will help you find what oils meet your needs and how to get the most out of essential oils during this important time. I want to instill confidence in mothers that essentials oils can enhance and ease the birth experience, giving women security and comfort in their own bodies and strength. By the end of the class, you will feel equipped to use oils both during pregnancy and after birth by offering news ways to achieve wellness with your family in your own home.

For more information call Barbara Kelly at (928) 607-0332.

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