“There is no way we could truly express how grateful we are for the wonderful experience we’ve had with Womancare. You made us feel so cared for, confident and educated about this new adventure in our life. We really respect you and your job as midwives. Thank you for everything you’ve done to help us meet our sweet baby.”
— Susan and Jason

“…we went to meet with the midwives at Womancare Midwifery. Their whole philosophy was much more in line with ours; that birth doesn’t have to be a medical event…The midwives made us feel safe and empowered.”
— Kristen

“I LOVED MY BIRTH EXPERIENCE! How often have you heard these words? I hear them all the time because I have the great fortune of offering pre- and postnatal chiropractic care to numerous Womancare Midwifery clients. Their thorough attentive care and nurturing empowering approach to birth allow so many women to have a truly amazing birth experience. I also know firsthand how wonderful they are because I too LOVED my birth experience with Womancare. Thank you for all you do to help so many babies enter the world peacefully and naturally.”
— Dr. Kymberlee Wilkens

“We wanted to say thank you for making our pregnancy/birth so very special. We appreciated the relaxed atmosphere at appointments and the love and care you not only showed for our baby Willow but for our son Weston as well. Our water birth of Willow was so BEAUTIFUL I will never have a baby any other way again! We look forward to working with you in the future. With Love,”
— Meredith and Aaron

“Thank you for your care and support throughout the pregnancy and the birth of our beautiful baby girl. We feel so fortunate to have spent time and created a special bond with each of you. It is impossible to imagine what this past year would have been like without you. We think about our birth and how comfortable and natural it was to have her at home. It was the most amazing event and now a beautiful memory. Thank you for your dedication and for all you do.”
— Rachel and David

“Thank you for taking me on so late in my pregnancy, for giving me so much great information and for making my homebirth possible. I felt so welcomed by you all, and I’m so glad I found such great care. Love,”
— Julya

“Your care throughout pregnancy was wonderful. Your encouragement and support during our first weeks as new parents has meant the world. It is our assumption (and hope) that you often hear what an incredibly beautiful gift you are offering women and families by having a place like Womancare Midwifery. And because of the way in which babies are welcomed and families are treated at such a special time is so important, this center is also a huge gift to the community and the world. The quality of care and professionalism offered here is very much appreciated. And I’m sure we aren’t the only ones walking away feeling truly blessed to know all of you. We will miss you dearly! Much love,”
— Robin and Tony

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